Hii All! I am Udit

I am a full-stack web dev from India. I am here on egghead to enhance my skills


Hey Udit! Glad to have you in the community!

What are you currently learning? What’s your study plan?

Hi @udittyagi2, welcome! Was in India earlier this year for ngIndia and GraphQL Asia, what an amazing place! What languages/frameworks are you working in right now?

Hii @samjulien, Currently I am working as a frontend developer in ed-tech startupe. My current stacks are React.js, Redux and Node.js. Which City you visited in India?

Hey @laurosilva Currently my focus is towards learning functional programming and graphql.

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Awesome! I went to Bengaluru, Udaipur, Jaipur, and Delhi! It was a fantastic trip.