Hi, y'all, I'm Sung from NYC


Hi, I’m Sung from NYC, having fun with React, learning TDD :slight_smile:

Long version

Hi, all.

I am Sung M. Kim from the Big :apple:.
I’ve been wearing many hats doing mostly backend stuff (ASP.NET, SQL server).
But fell in love with front-end nowadays, having fun with React, mostly.

Currently learning TDD from testingjavascript.com by Kent C. Dodds~~~!
& other topics of interests are RxJS & Docker.

Next technology in the queue is Svelte
(the documentation just pretty darn amazing & easy to get started).

I haven’t been sharing/learning in public on much online nowadays but have been moderating on DEV, translating All-Contributors projects (in Korean)
& recently became a r/reactjs mod lurking mostly in the Beginner’s Thread :stuck_out_tongue:

As a side project, I recently migrated my blog from WordPress to Gatsby, and have been fixing issues :).

I honestly wasn’t aware of Egghead community forum but just found out after seeing email notifications :slight_smile:

Let’s have fun learning in public.


Hi Sung, great to see you in this forum. I have enjoyed your writing. I plan on starting out on my learning in public journey soon!


Hi @bishalshrestha33. Thank you for the warm welcome~
Let’s have fun together :slight_smile:

Hi @dance2die welcome o the community! I’m a huge fan of svelte myself

Have you seen this live stream with Rich Harris and Jason Lengstorf?

Looking forward to seeing your learning and public and sharing with us!


Welcome Sung!

NYC unite!!! Glad to have another on the journey!

Let me know if I can ever help you with anything. :slight_smile: & Enjoy your holiday!!



Thanks, @Will for the welcome & link to the live stream.
I’ve watched some of Jason Lengstorf’s videos but didn’t know about that one.
You know what I am gonna watch tonight :wink:

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Oh yeah, NYC unite, Tom~ :grinning::+1:

I appreciate the kind gesture for reaching out
and I like the vibe/culture of the community here.

And you too have wonderful holiday~~

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