Hi there, hello & ola :)

They told me Cristian, I have a strong passion for web dev - currently Vue + Vuex + Vue router + Node.js (fastius.js) + VPS Linux + CouchDB 3.

I am also a musician, experimental/urban folk.
I dig the net daily, egghead, Eric Elliott, medium, and all kind of newsletters.

PS: my favorite pi is Raspberry Pi 4 :))


Welcome to the community @thedigitallabs! I used to do some music, years ago. I played the drum kit. What instrument and type of music do you like to play?

Oh, I love the drum kit, I am thinking to buy some Roland in order to move my hands from the kb & mouse from time to time :slight_smile: So Iā€™m more into music from the sonic perspective, I am a sound engineer, starting playing with computer software around 20yrs ago, and also made the Academy of Music here in my city for classical guitar. So I am into playing classical/electrical guitar, and bass guitar.

I am crossing genres from electronic to folk; please feel free everyone to have a go on the following links:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UBIJpvb24W8 (from a lullaby songs album)
soundcloud/electron_record (my Soundcloud page)

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