Hi, I'm Yuan-Hao, a Full-time Remote React Dev 🥳

Hi there, I’m a half-Costa Rican, half-Taiwanese Software Engineer based in Taiwan.

I work remotely and full-time at Edmodo on our React/Redux migration, currently deployed to its 100 million users, which has been quite a challenge (and a bit of an understatement :sweat_smile: ).

I have to say that I owe part of my life to Egghead’s Redux course by Dan Abramov, which was a deal breaker in me getting this job and the reason for me signing up and taking a ton more courses here at Egghead.

Prior to learning ES6 and Redux, I came from a C/C++ background in video game dev, so many of the courses here really helped me in my current profession. I guess that’s what I would call having a nice ROI :wink:

As for my life outside of being a Dev, it used to be dancing and teaching salsa (we own the biggest studio in Taipei called Bailalo), but now it’s mostly being a parent to our 1-year-old boy and working in my next goal which is to learn Russian (wife is from Moscow).



oh my gosh, he’s so cute! Thanks for sharing Yuan-Hao