Hi, I'm Yonatan and I want to share knowledge as much as possible

Hi! I’m a software architect and meddle in lots of stuff. Recently I do mostly Javascript but also architecture in general (software, cloud, infra etc.).

I post on Medium and on twitter: https://twitter.com/yonatankra

I speak at conferences and meetups and now manage WalkMe tech talks which is an international meetup (broadcast live via Zoom). You can join here: https://www.meetup.com/WalkMe-Tech-Talks/

My aim is to share knowledge as much as possible.

Besides, I live happily with my wife and our 3 wonderful kids. I also run. A lot :slight_smile:

Would love to meet all of you and grow together!


@kra.yonatan I dig your lessons related to standard platform components


@joel Yea - I really love web components.
New stuff coming soon :slight_smile:

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I gotta say, I’m very curious about this because I haven’t spent a lot of time with them and I’ve grown accustomed to React approach. For me it feels important to show the capabilities of the underlying platform as it evolves standards over time.

Looking forward to it Yonatan!

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