Hi, i'm Trajce - front-end web developer from Macedonia

My name is Trajce and i’m front-end web developer :slight_smile:.

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Hi Trajce :wave: welcome!

What tools are you using?

The stack is react, redux (not always), nodejs, sometimes just js, html /(s)css.
Back when i started freelancing (around 10 years ago), I started as a back-end dev with C#, MSSQL, but i shifted to front-end after a year or two. For some of the projects i use typescript. I’ve used gatsby for my personal site.

From the editors i use VS-Code (who doesn’t :)), and i’m still using sublime text for some simpler things.

After using Typescript on a couple projects, do you think you can work with out it? I’ve heard some people say they can never go back to “normal” JS after using TS. I’ve never used it :stuck_out_tongue:

Have you seen the playlists on the egghead VSCode topic page? There are some really nice tips in there!

Hey Ian,
Thanks for sharing the VSCode topic.

About Typescript, it depends. When i’m working on smaller projects, most of the time i do them with normal JS, but when the project is bigger / team larger, then TS helps a lot.