Hi, I'm Theos from down under

Hi Everyone!

It was about 20 odd years ago I started as a JavaScript developer and then in the early 2000’s also added the Microsoft stack to my professional work. I have spent most of the last dozen years or so in management, leadership and architecture however I still hope to return to more hands on JavaScript development.

I am amazed how far JavaScript has come since the days the banks wanted me to make their sites behave the same all the early web browsers. I am learning a lot on egghead.io and I really respect and value this welcoming community. I hope to contribute and give something back - for now I feel way behind all the full stackers :slight_smile:

Here is the rundown on me:

Our current stack is .NET Core, SQL, Docker and Kubernetes (early stages and still managing people more than coding - hopefully this will change this year).
I am trying to use any spare time outside of work and family to get into learning React/Redux.
I am currently running DevOps and working on microservices and integration projects.
I would like to build a better admin portal in React over the top of our Azure DevOps instance and its APIs.
I live in Sydney, Australia.

I don’t have any pets but my two little girls really want a cute small white fluffy dog…we’ll see…

Oh and I enjoy making people laugh. Thanks for having me.