Hi, I'm Sudarshan a frontend engineer from bangalore (India) working with React ⚛️

Hi, My name is Sudarshan. I am part of team Logward and works from bangalore (India) as a Product frontend engineer. I initially started my career as java developer and eventually moved to front end engineering as i started liking Javascript and React.Js a lot. I also wish to contribute to open source and collaborate, discuss and eventually improve self skills and also make a meaningful contribution for a good cause. But have not picked up the courage yet to make a single open source contribution.
Great to part of the egghead community where I can get to know people and keep my self updated all the time.

These days during my leisure i work on building a nutrition web application for my wife so that she can start her business. She is a dietician. I use ReactJs, Redux, Express, MongoDB as the stack.