Hi I'm Scott

I’m from Perth, Australia, and I was working as a chef for couple of years and now I decided switching career and start learning web development to kickstart a career of web developer. I really enjoying solving problems, especially solving real world problems with technology at a bigger scale.

I taught myself Angular and Typescript at the start, and I’m currently enrolled in a full stack coding bootcamp, they teach React, so I’m learning React at the moment. React is pretty awesome at its own way, and the introductory course from Kent C. Dodds here in Egghead was super helpful.

Super glad to be here and will keep learning and building couple of projects to be ready to looking for a dev job.

Feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn


Welcome to egghead, Scott! You and I have similar backgrounds. I used to work in food service as a cafe manager, then switched to doing customer service for a while before getting into programming. Are you still working as a chef, or are you fully focused on your coding education right now?