Hi I'm Sam!

Hi everyone. I’m Sam.

I’m one of the founders of Postmates and I love frontend development.

Favorite thing right now is Next target=serverless deployed to Firebase Cloud Functions.

Happy to be part of the Egghead community.


Hey Sam,
Kudos on being a founder that :heart: coding !

Thanks for sharing about Next,
I’ve never heard of Next.js and now that I’m aware it exists it looks vry nice

I hope it can be deployed into a RPI4

What are you thoughts on PWA taking over the appstores?
Do you think that will ever happen?

One thing I’ve noticed is that a new definition of “hybrid” apps has come up.
100% Native Apps Bundled with a lot of Webviews and Mobile Web apps coming together.

But I’m, not aware of any company trying to launch their 100% web-based app services
They prolly stealth :man_shrugging: or maybe people are still relying a lot on push for retention rather than really solving a problem


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Escuela de Programación y Pensamiento Recursivo : https://eppr.link


I agree so much about Next. They are doing really interesting things with the framework.

Glad to have you!


Hi @samstr welcome to the community! I agree Front Development is my jam!


Hey Sam!
People here is awesome and are always ready to teach and learn!!!

And you can always find cats :cat2:
(Jk, I am the only one obsessed with cats)


Hey hey.
PWA taking over the app stores sounds good to me.
I LOVE the idea of building the frontend and backend with React/Next and sharing those same frontend components on mobile with react-native.
I’ve not tried this truly universal approach myself but it definitely sounds possible and I’ll be trying it out with my next side project.

Flutter and Ionic are also on my learning list. I’m sure egghead has some courses on them.

It’s a good time for web development. My only issue is I always find myself battling webpack configs more than anything.