Hi, I'm Paul from England!

Hello everyone! :wave:

My name is Paul Halliday and I’m from “Sunny Sunderland”, UK.

I’ve been passionate about mobile-first experiences for as long as I can remember. I’m currently having a great time building production application(s) with Ionic and Flutter.

I try my best to teach what I know on YouTube, Egghead, Alligator.io and various other places. It also pushes me to learn new things often!

Looking forward to meeting new people and contributing to the community! :slight_smile:


Hey @paulhalliday,
Just had a quick look at your Youtube channel and your videos are such high quality - nice work :muscle:
Would love to see some of the mobile products you have built if you have any to share!

I hadn’t seen https://developer.school/ yet Paul. Very cool!