Hi, I'm Nikema

What’s your current stack?
JavaScript all the things.

What are you learning right now?
I’m focusing on React and Node at the moment.

What are you working on?
I’m learning and building to learn. I have entrepreneurial ideas. I know enough to be dangerous so some side projects are coming soon.

What’s your current side project?
Current as in I need to start today. I’m working on something for people like me who are underrepresented in tech and need to get on track to a first job.

Where do you live?

Sacramento, CA

Share a picture of your favorite pet!


Hey Nikema! I come through Sacramento quite a bit - would love to get lunch or something next time I’m there!


Hi Eve. I’d love to! Fun fact: you taught the first and only course I completed on egghead.io


If you are going to pick just one, that is a great choice. :joy: