Hi, I'm Mike. I'm a Software Engineer and egghead Instructor 🚀

Hey y’all, my name is Mike Sherov. I live on Long Island, New York with my twin boys and wife. I’m a big fan of salt, board games, and quirky lightning talks :upside_down_face: I’ve been doing web development since 2003, and am currently a Principal Engineer at Skillshare and an Instructor at Egghead, and I’ve formerly been an Engineering Manager and Director of Engineering.

I teach Javascript, Web Performance, and intermediate Web Security concepts to anyone who will listen! I also offer free basic career advice for anyone looking to grow into management on senior engineering roles. Don’t hesitate to reach out here, on twitter, or by email: mike.sherov@gmail.com! I also maintain a blog at https://mike.sherov.com


Lol. You sound like me: I used to teach ebooks and EPUB to anyone who sat still long enough…

Now I talk “Docs, or it didn’t happen” to the delight of my development team. :slight_smile: