Hi, I'm Mark software engineer and egghead instructor from Hampshire, UK

Based in Hampshire, UK I have been working from home as an IT Contractor for quite a few years. Currently working on Node, Handlebars, Vue, Angular, Mongo - I tend to build tools for my main client, things like a central printing facility, intranet broadcast systems, customer facing booking information screens.

I have no formal Computer Science background, unless you count the 1 module of C at University where I did a degree in Underwater Science and GCSE Computer Studies though I have always been interested in Computers, starting with a ZX81 and typing Basic programs out of magazines.

My IT Development career has really gone from large Corporation to large Corporation as either initially a permie or contractor- including Natwest Bank, Lloyds, Sony Music, Enron, GSK, Allianz, PWC, EY, Mars, Marsh Insurance, Trailfinders to name a few.

It’s interesting because you get to see the same mistakes made in enterprise IT time and again and its normally around balancing requirements and cost.

ITIL or Service Management is definitely something everyone in IT should look at because it helps frame IT in context of the actual business - sometimes you can forget IT generally is there to either provide new business opportunities, reduce costs and keep the lights on but its not normally the bit of the business which generates profit.