Hi, I'm Mark from PDX

Hey everyone :wave:. I’m Mark Michon. New-ish to Portland, OR in the US. Longtime egghead user off and on since the early Angular vids.

Once was a designer, then a front end dev, then a software development teacher for ~7 years at a university before moving from Florida to Oregon. Since teaching jobs are a way smaller niche, I’m now writing for a startup and trying to find ways to be education and dev adjacent.

Mostly working with React, Theme UI, Gatsby/Next on the side. Currently building a few projects around color inspiration and UI elements. I’ve also been learning Rust (albeit slowly) for no real reason other than that it looks appealing. My next procrastiworking project is to convert an Azure custom vision site I have over to tensorflowjs.

I’m fascinated by generative art/design and want to spend much more time with that this year.


Hey @markmichon, welcome! I, too, moved from Florida (Gainesville) to Portland! Moved in 2014, then last year headed across the river to Washington. Welcome to the egghead community! Where were you in Florida?

Hey @samjulien, thanks! East Orlando. Much nicer up here, granted much of it has been indoors :slight_smile:.

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I went to high school in Orlando! Yes, much much nicer out here!