Hi, I'm Mark from California!

I’ve been building web apps professionally since 2009. My current tech stack for web apps include Angular, Vue, Bootstrap, Sass, HighCharts, GulpJS, TypeScript shipped to Microsoft Azure. CMS apps utilize WordPress and WP Engine. While eCommerce apps leverage Shopify. I’m originally from Hawaii and alongside coding I’m a family man and JiuJitsu practitioner. You can find me throwing content on blog.marklreyes.com or allwebsd.com. Aloha!

Hi mark! Wondering if you’ve played much with WP-Json api for headless WP with any of your front end frameworks? What’s a good place to get started with that and building react/vue front ends to WP?

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Thanks , I’ll check out the egghead course, I didn’t know about it! I’ve done a couple basic tutorials working with the Rest API, so here’s hoping the egghead course helps out a lot!