Hi, I'm Mark - eCommerce dev, Docker + Magento, egghead instructor

Hi, I’m Mark. I’ve been a dev for 20 years now working almost exclusively in PHP & eCommerce (but with a bit of JavaScript & React on the side). I’ve been working remotely for about 7 years now and an independent freelancer/consultant & instructor the last year or so.

I’ve been working with Magento for almost 10 years now, and picked up Docker a few years back which lead me to create and maintain the open-source docker+magento repo that’s quite heavily used in the Magento world.

Here’s my egghead stuff:
Build a Twelve-Factor Node.js App with Docker (Course)
SSH for Remote Server Authentication (Course)
Docker Fundamentals (Playlist)
other lessons / profile

Working on a million different things now, like usual :crazy_face: Glad to be here!