Hi I'm Luis X, FullStack from Mexico

Started programming assembler on a PIC(2006), moved to Basic(2007)
Moved to PHP on 2008, JavaScript 2009
Worked as a Product Manager for many years to a TelCo Company (AMX)
Started working on Node within my first RPI (2011)
Started to learn React-Native for Mobile App Dev (2017)
Got my hands on a brand new RPI4 last night (2020)
Founded many startups, a few got traction and survived.
Worked as Head of International Growth for Overseas App and Games companies
(mostly based in HK, SG, CN)
Fluent in Chinglish

Currently working as a Mobile Tech Consultant.
2020 : Started my first YT Channel - A Virtual School to learn programming and recursive thinking.

Looking forward to know this community :slight_smile:


Hey @global! Have you seen https://howtoegghead.com/instructor/? It is the guide we use with our instructors to get them up and running with screen casts.

You might find some helpful tips in there on how to create effective screencasts.

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Thanks interesting read!

Do you know if there are any plans of expanding EggHead to spanish speaking countries?

If so, holla at me boooi

jk, message me directly via any where you like.