Hi, I'm Leo from Brazil

Hi guys,
I’m Leo from Brasilia, Brazil.
I work in a Bank for almost 15 years. There I work in something that’s called Shadow IT, that’s IT work outside formal IT.
So I work with everything, database (SQL Server), backend (currently NodeJS), frontend (currently React), and a little bit of infra (windows server).

I started working with VBA in 2005 then learned Classic ASP, then PHP (Codeigniter, Laravel), now Node with Express.

On the frontend, I worked with vanilla JS, prototypeJS/jQuery, AngularJS, VueJS, and now React.

In the database side, I’ve been working with SQL Server for a long time, using DTS (2000), SSIS/DTSX to extract data from files and TSQL. But I already used Postgres (at a time the company was using OpenSource software).

Today I’m crafting my knowledge on the “frontend side”. I’m studying more about React, Redux, Functional Programming, Hooks, etc.

Besides that, I’m trying to find a new job abroad, but it’s being a lot harder than I thought.


Hey Leo!

It sounds like you have a lot of experience in a diverse number of topics!

What’s something useful from your backend experience that you think front end developers could learn a lot from?


Hi Ian,

For me, it was a question of choosing which path I wanted to follow.
In 2005~2010, we were called “WebMasters” because we developed web sites from start to finish. Basically, the stack at that time was HTML+CSS+JS or VB Script (used in IE)+Backend Language (Classic Asp or PHP were de most common ones)+someSQL.

Then I started to use MVC Frameworks, and there was always a “V” that was more interesting for me.

At some point in my career, the IT Infra sector wasn’t updating PHP versions anymore. So, I found out that AngularJS could do a lot of things I used to do on the backend side, so that was the turning point for me. And with transpilers like Babel helped a lot to program for old browsers too. So I had more freedom to use new technologies independently from the Infrastructure that was available for me at that time (and until today)…

So I think for an MVC programmer, there’s a clear path to follow if he/she wants to specialize in Front or Back end parts. What’s more important is to understand how web and browsers work.


Hey Leo! Nice to meet you.

How much Functional Programming have you been able to apply to your day to day work? I love fp but there seems to be a lot of buy in and if the whole team isn’t familiar with it, it could just add extra confusion. What do you think?

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Oi Leo!!!

bem-vindo :smiley:

good luck with the front-end stuff, I love it!