Hi, I'm Lauro from Portland, OR

I’m a software engineer specializing in JavaScript. I want to level up my skills to find a better job.

I recently finished the Bash course. I took my notes and create a cheatsheet. Feel free to download a copy. :smile:

Hope to meet other motivated students!


Hi Lauro, thank you very much for sharing the cheatsheet I really liked greetings.

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Hi Lauro - good cheatsheet.

Out of interest what software did you use to create it?

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Thanks Mark!

I created the cheatsheet from scratch using Sketch. The personal license is $99. So I would suggest starting out with Figma. They have a free plan and it’s also vector based.

Also, check out @jsjoeio’s course: The Beginner’s Guide to Figma. It’s a great starting pointing.

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@laurosilva That cheatsheet is awesome! Can you send me a private message or email (will@egghead.io) and I’ll get you a code for an egghead tshirt?

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@laurosilva These are awesome!

What was your biggest take-away from the course?

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Definitely learning to create my scripts and using hooks to trigger an execution on my server.

Great - I will take a look.

I wondered if it was some fancy markdown to PDF conversion. I do use Affinity Publisher but always interested in seeing if other software is better.

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Welcome! Good to meet another Portlander. I am definitely going to check out your cheat sheet, thanks for creating that


I’m in PDX as well! Y’all get to any local meetups?

I try to get to @kyleshevlin and Jason Lengstorf’s food with friends when I can, but there are alot of times I can’t make it. Like tomorrow night. I used to go to the React meet at New Relic regularly but stopped going to that too. I definitely enjoy the casual hangout and have food/drinks things over a more directed meetup with a presentation and stuff. I mostly just want to socialize.