Hi! I'm Kyle Gill software engineer working on Gatsby and egghead instructor

:wave:I’m Kyle Gill, I love code! (see tag line on my portfolio: https://kylegill.com/)

I work at Gatsby as a software engineer building learning materials and working on the docs.

I tweet out a lot of learnings while I’m building stuff on the daily, and found egghead as the perfect blend of concise and actionable content.


Kyle has a lot of awesome Gatsby lessons:

Your projects are so cool. I especially like this one:


Recommendation engines are so neat.

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Thanks! That was my project to really try and learn React. I think I learned enough to get excited about it but I look back at that code and wonder what I was thinking :sweat_smile:

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if it’s any consolation that how I feel about the egghead.io Rails app lol :wink:

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