Hi, I'm Kyle a ReactJS developer, lifelong learner, and UX hobbyist

Hey! I’m Kyle. ReactJS developer, lifelong learner, and UX hobbyist. Super passionate about well designed experiences and excited for how UX is going to influence VR and contribute to understanding ourselves and others better. Excited to be with you guys.

Also, thanks so much to all the instructors at egghead, you guys rock! I’ve leveled up so much with your help.


I’d like to hear more about how UX is going to influence VR. Any links to reading material?

Hey Joel,
Definitely, happy to share.

Below is a good intro into the thought process that is involved in developing UX within the VR medium. Let me know what you think.

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Oh ya, that makes a lot of sense. I think it’s funny when VR is referred to as “new”. I had my first goggles-on VR experience in 1991 :joy:

It was 5 minutes for $25!

That actually is really funny. I mean, remember Virtual Boy? It was simple, but it was still VR, in a way. It’s true, VR has been around forever. I do think the new developments in VR are going to be really interesting. I’m curious about how it will be employed in therapeutics/health as well. I think it has a lot of potential there.

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