Hi, I'm Karol – a mobile software developer from Toronto (coming from Swift/Objective-C)

It’s my first year working (only at the ~6m mark) with JavaScript et al. My background is mostly in native iOS development with Swift and Objective-C.

EggHead helps me quickly pick up things for my daily work with JavaScript (I’m currently at a fintech company called Wealthsimple in Toronto).

I’m interested in functional programming, as well as backend development. Mostly because those two are the most foreign to me right now.


Hey Karol, it’s nice to have you. Have you seen the Professor Frisby course? :smile:

Hi @joel. I haven’t! It looks right up my alley. Thanks for the recommendation! Just added to my todo’s. :bowing_man:

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It’s a little different, but a real treat nonetheless :joy:

@joel Just started watching. LOVE IT! Thanks so much. Reminds me of why the lucky stiff and why’s poignant guide to ruby (https://poignant.guide). <3

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