Hi, I'm Juam from Colombia

Hi everyone!

I’m Juan Gonzalez. I’m a systems engineer on the software development route. I particularly love all things web development and UI/UX.
I was taught the LAMP stack in college but I’ve been doing the transition to the JAM stack lately.

I’ve been like a month on egghead now, have seen some of the stuff before but only made the plunge recently and can’t be happier than I did.

I’m learning more about advanced topics in JavaScript, I use React at the current project at work, I’ve been having a blast making things with Svelte and I also love functional programming.

I hang around on the internets with the handle @juanfrank77 pretty much everywhere.

I think that’s all. Thanks everyone! stoked to be here.

Welcome, Juan - you made a good decision to join Egghead

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