Hi, I'm Joseph, Design Technolgist from Austin, TX

I’m Joseph, I’m a Sr. Design Technologist who has been focusing mostly on frontend technologist, but more specifically React as of late. I currently work for Indeed. #iHelpPeopleGetJobs

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Hey Joseph :wave: welcome!

I’m not sure I’ve heard of ‘Design Technologist’ before, could you expound a little more about what that is? I’d love to hear!

Design Technologist here at Indeed basically bridges the gap between Design and Engineering. This article written by our director explains it very well. https://medium.com/indeed-design/what-is-a-design-technologist-6431531f0d48

Great read, thanks for the link.

That’s cool to see the gap being bridged like that. That sounds a good bit like what @vojta does here at egghead.

Hi @jmvegas21 welcome to the community! Anything you plan on learning coming up?