Hi, I'm Jean Kaplansky

Where to start? I’ve been working in the industry - either software for publishing workflows include authoring, rendering, and CMS tools, or EdTech since 1995.

My secret super-power: classically trained Violist with a degree from the University of Michigan School of Music. Yep. You read that right. I’ve had exactly one formal computer science training class: Intro to C++ back in 1999. The rest was on the job, by the seat of my pants, or “hey, that looks interesting.”

Where you may have seen me before: #eprdctn and ebook publishing community between 2012 - 2016.

For the couple years I’ve been working in #a11y software. Testing, documentation, QA, figuring stuff out. I work for Deque Systems, Inc.

My Stack: Name it, and I need to know it as the documentarian - Java, Ruby, Node, C#, github, CLI, bash, but attempting to adopt ZSH (Catalina is coming…)
All of which requires Java, Selenium, JUnit, Ruby, RSpec, Capybara, Node Jest, Jasmine, Cypress, C# and Visual Studio stuff (don’t ask me to remember any of this off the top of my head).

I also have to be up on SSG’s, publishing workflows, Markdown, VS Code extensions, VS, etc., etc.

Side project? I don’t have time for side projects. I plan in an orchestra, a string quartet, and a Klezmer band when I’m not scrambling across platforms at work!

I live: in the foothills of the Adirondack Mountains in NY State - that’s north of Albany and close to Vermont (and Lake George and Saratoga Springs for those of you who your geography).

My FAVORITE pet? That’s not fair! I’ve worked from home for the last 15 years so I can take care of my dogs (currently a border collie and a Norwegian Elkhound) and be annoyed by numerous cats. They’re all my favorites. :slight_smile:


We love to visit Lake Champlain. Such a glorious slice of earth.

I’ve noticed a strong cohort of coders with music backgrounds. It can’t be a coincidence.

Thanks for sharing, it’s great to meet you.

You’re welcome! We’ve discussed the musician and tech thing before.

Much of why musicians wind up in tech has to do with our early training - discipline in looking for patterns and paying attention to a whole bunch of details at once.

The fact that I went to school on an Engineering campus didn’t hurt though!!! :grin:

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