Hi, I'm Janeene from Australia

I started working with C++ about 16-17 years ago, spent about 3 years working with Java, returned to C++ backend server applications for several years, then almost 3 years ago was moved over to typescript/react/redux for frontend communicating via websocket to a C++ server backend for planning & control software for airline/transport industry (and in the last 18 months with a react-native wrapper app for the site for crew members). We use an inhouse-written code-generator for generating database access code/c++ classes from that data plus messaging between different server applications, and I added the output to typescript type definitions from those so we had them available for use in the react project (just the output part - the input to an intermediate in-memory tree already existed, so it was walking the tree and outputting the typescript code equivalents). EggHead was invaluable for helping me to make the jump over from C++ to effective javascript/typescript programming quickly, so thank you!

I tend to be passionate about making the compiler do as much of the work of checking for code validity as possible (it generally can’t test logic, but it can test for spelling errors, making sure on renaming something that all usages get updated, missed switch cases, function signatures that have changed & therefore need their call sites updating, misused functions, etc), and for templating/factoring out commonly used code so that there’s only one spot to be fixed if there is a bugfix or change in functionality needed later.

For side projects I’ve tended more to dabble in things, and to contribute to existing open source libs/tools that I found useful (such as react-app-rewired). I enjoy reading fantasy books, and playing management/building style games (I used to play a lot of rpgs, but health issues interfered with being able to play real-time games a few years ago).


Hey Janeene, welcome to the community!

Control software for the airline/transport industry sounds extremely important. I can see why you decided to focus on type safety.

What was your biggest obstacle when making the switch from C++ to javascript/typescript? What are you planning on learning next?

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Hi @Dawnmist welcome to the community! I like that idea of using the compiler do a lot of the work. Lets you focus on being productive

How long have you been contributing to open source?

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Learning next: mostly extending what I do know, expanding on tools such as storybook, etc. I tend to learn in a “this is what I need now” and then fill in more depth as I go. I need to learn more about the newer changes in react - we’ve been in a change freeze since early last year, so we haven’t updated to hooks/etc yet. I’ve started doing that update this week along with finally moving off react-scripts-ts to the newer versions of create-react-app, and now sorting out all the build system changes in between the two versions.

There’s a lot of similarity between C++ and modern ES6+ javascript, which helped a lot in making the jump over. The areas that took more work to understand were Promises, async/await code, and the difference in what const means (a const object in C++ is a frozen one in javascript). Most of the concepts in javascript have a matching one somewhere in C++, so I had a reasonable framework to build on top of.

I first made some contributions to open source about 18-20 years ago, updating help documentation and expanding tile definitions for an open source game. I went back to the game every few years and updated the tiles again (since they were the ones I liked to play it with) until about 10 years ago. I restarted contributions in recent years for the typescript/javascript libs. In between I wasn’t really doing a lot in areas where I tripped over places I could help.

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