Hi, I'm James from Minneapolis, MN

Hey all :wave: ,

I’m James, and I’m brand new to Egghead.

I’m a software engineer at a local startup, mainly working in Vue.js and Rails. This is my first gig after changing careers, and so far I love it!

As for what I’m learning - I’m diving into Svelte, and have already been helped immensely by the Svelte lessons on here.

I mainly hang out on Twitter.

Looking forward to being a part of this community!

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Hi @jamesctucker, welcome from another career-changer! :wave: My teammate is building an internal project in Svelte and says he is loving it. I need to check it out!

Hi @jamesctucker, it’s great to see you here! Keep it up!

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Oh wow, small world, Austin! Nice to see you here as well!

Thanks for the warm welcome! And yes, Svelte is definitely worth looking into. :smiley:

May I ask what career you switched from?