Hi, I'm Jair

Hi all. I’m Jair Reina. I am from Ecuador but went to college in Costa Rica, where I studied Software Engineering and also started working as a software engineer 11 years ago. I moved to Chicago 4 years ago and now I’m mostly focused in front-end development (I do love Vue.js), and back-end doing PHP and Node. I’ve had to work with several CMS and this has challenged me to find ways to integrate FE frameworks like Angular or React with Wordpress, Drupal, Sitecore, and EPiServer.

Ever since I started in this field, I haven’t stopped learning and that’s what I like about it. I remember how I had to learn things like YUI, Prototype, jQuery, CSS, HTML5, CSS3, responsive web design, Bootstrap, AngularJS, Stylus, LESS, SASS, Handlebars, Moustache, Grunt, Yeoman, NPM, Node, React, Vue, Webpack… and it all continues. I just hope I’m able to keep learning and never get tired of it. This is exactly why I like egghead.io, because it’s straightforward and right to the point.

Currently I’m working on a big project for Intel that uses Nuxt as a framework. I’ve been trying to get involved in the vue community and help people out on stackoverflow.

Happy to connect with anybody that has question or good ideas. You can find me everywhere as @jaireina


Welcome to the community, Jair.

I’m also a big fan of practical, concise, in-depth content! Are you currently focused on learning vue? What resources are you using?

Also, following you on Twitter!



I started learning Vue almost 3 years ago but you never stop learning. I like reading Vue’s documentation and watching some of the vuemastery courses when I can.

Since last year I’ve been using Vue with Nuxt and it’s just amazing. I believe that those frameworks like Nuxt and Next that offer SSR and static site generation are the future.

Currently, I’m focused on learning more about Nuxt and Next, as well as the Stencil framework. My favorite resources for learning are the official docs of the projects, egghead.io and the O’Reilly platform.

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