Hi, I'm Henrik from Denmark

Old-school webdev going modern with the JAM Stack.
I’m currently working on a hobby ReactJS project using Sharepoint as a back-end.
Going forward I want to become proficient in the full stack, including automated test, CI, CD, running on Azure or AWS.
Really looking forward to dive into this :slight_smile:

Hi @henrikmr! Welcome to the forum! What made you look choose JAMStack?

Feel free to post things your’re learning here JAM Stack is popular right now and a lot of people culd benefit from your post!

Hi @Will thanks for asking :slight_smile:

So, why the JAMStack?
I’ve been using javascript to fetch and render data a lot ever since I started doing full stack web development i the late 1990ties and now when I’m trying to become current, it just seems like the obvious choice to use js all over.

From what I’ve learned so far, I believe I can manage a full stack js codebase with unit tests, CI and CD all from VS Code, and primarily coding in TypeScript and Javascript.
That’s all I wish for :slight_smile: