Hi, I'm Gueorgui! 👋 I’m I’m interested in things like Rust and Lisp

Hello hello! I’m Gueorgui, a full-stack engineer based in London.

I’m originally from Russia, but grew up in France and spent a long while in Japan before relocating to London. I’m running the small creative studio A Possible Space together with my wife, and am a photographer in a parallel life.

I mostly work with Rails and React, but I’m also interested in things like Rust and Lisp; my text editor of choice is Emacs, and you can find me on Twitter or Mastodon at @gueorgui.

Happy to be here!


Your site is lovely! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

I’m a LISP curious sort myself. Racket and Scheme mostly. A little bit of Clojure. I find Rust to be the most interesting new comer in the last years for sure. Have you built anything with it yet?