Hi, I'm François

Hi Everybody,

I’m François. Born in Switzerland, moved to Berkeley. I’m a JS developer, I was coding a lot in Angular, but I switched to React ( Traitor :slight_smile: ) and Vue.js


Hey François,

I am a react developer being pushed to investigate Angular. Just curious - any reason you switched? Any perceived upsides / downsides either way?

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Hi @chabbey78 welcome to the community, How long you been learning React?

Hey @chabbey78! Welcome to the community!

Hi Justin, I moved to React for professional reasons, so I did not have the choice.
I like React Hooks, in some way, it reminds of D3. I’m sometimes a bit lost in all the React libraries.
I miss the dependency injection system of Angular and the fact that Angular takes care of the whole lifecycle of your project

The big difference is not related to Angular/React; currently I cannot use a design system library, which makes things a way harder, as you have to design/tests all the components. Before I was using AntDesign, and it was super-easy/fast to build UI

hi @Will. Four months, I’m doing small side-projects to experiment