Hi, I'm Filipe Névola from Brazil

I’m a developer and instructor. My passion is to build software that helps people with real problems.

I also run CodeFTW (http://codeftw.com/), a project to teach people how to create products using technology.

What’s your current stack?
Meteor, React, GraphQL.

What are you learning right now?

What are you working on?
Event App for Pathable

What’s your current side project?
bemarke for quave

Where do you live?
In the countryside of Brazil (Dourados/MS) but until November I’m in Milano, Italy

Anyone around? Let’s meet! :tada:

Do you want to visit Brazil? Let’s talk! Brazil is an amazing place and I can help you with tips for a better experience.

Share a picture of your favorite pet!
The best dog I ever had, Pitucha :slight_smile: