Hi! I'm Eric from Cincinnati, OH

Hey everyone! I’ve been a developer for 10+ years and am currently working on a very small team for a very large corporation in Cincinnati.

Latest project at work is the Airia Smart Scent. Gatsby/BigCommerce website at https://airiasmartscent.com/ App is built with React Native and our APIs are built with Elixir. The device has an embedded Amazon chip that we do some stuff with, as well.

On the side, I’m pursuing a Gatsby Theme for BigCommerce out of curiosity. I’ve used Egghead a ton to understand how themes work and it has been super fun. I also run a nonprofit and used to teach for Girl Develop It in Cincinnati.

Nice to meet you all!

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Welcome to the community @eric So cool to see you involved in so many things int community. Do you plan on publishing the theme for others to use?

Yes, hoping to get it published within the next few weeks. I just keep discovering more and more that I need to add. Haha!

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