Hi, I'm Dan from UK


My name’s Dan, and I’m from just outside London in the UK. I’ve been building software in one way or another since the early 90s - my first website was about Lou Carpenter from Neighbours, and my first game was coded in GW-BASIC on an IBM PS/2 Model 25.

These days, I mostly use PHP (particularly Symfony), JavaScript (React and Vue), databases (Postgres). I dabble in other things - Kotlin, Go, even a bit of Clojure - but I’m really struggling to keep up. I’m a huge fan of TDD and kanban. Most of the apps I build these days business software for teams, particularly with a focus on quality and security.

I’m here because, during lockdown, I’ve missed meeting other tech folk at meetups in London. I’d love to hear what people are working on, and bounce around ideas.

Come and say hi!