Hi. I'm Charles Villard. I build websites in sunny Miami, Florida


I started learning to code in 2014 to support my budding family. Two years later, after a lot of head-desk moments and hours of self-study, I landed my first development gig. Today, I’m a front-end developer, currently working remotely for a little company called Tenet Partners, where I’m usually working in .NET WebForms and JavaScript.

I joined Egghead to learn more about the modern JavaScript ecosystem and how to responsibly use it to build interactive, informative, and accessible UIs. A lot of the first few years of my web development studies and career have been like drinking from a fire-hose. I want 2020 to be concentrated on HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

When I’m not hacking at code for work, I’m usually at my second job, taking care of and playing with my daughters alongside my partner Michelle. If I find some downtime, I like to use it studying or watching shows like Magicians or Killjoys. If you want to nerd out with me about either or about anything in general, let me know. You can also ping me on Twitter at @cdvillard.



This really resonates with me. I’m a second career dev and it was a SLOG making the switch, but so worth it.

Nice to meet you Charles!

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Thank you, @sajames1958 and @joel, for the warm welcomes!!

Welcome @c.d.villard I learned to code to support my family as well!

So happy that it worked out for you and you get work remote!

What did you use to learn to code?

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Thanks, Will!

I ended up using a bit of everything. My self-study ultimately wasn’t as focused as it should have been.

When I got started, I learned from whatever I could get my hands on for free. My very first resources were things like Codecademy, Shay Howe, and Learn Layout to start learning HTML & CSS. Eventually, when I started a job as a digital prepress tech, I was able to start using the free Lynda subscription they gave us. Simon Allardice’s sultry tones taught me the basics of JavaScript and CS.

I started digging into tutorials, articles, anything that piqued my interest - even eBooks! Then, after a stint of small freelance gigs as a dev, I was able to get a grant to learn .NET at a vocational school. That’s what landed me my first full-time job.

Now I’m looking to level up a bit with some focused study and move more towards JavaScript development. My shop is looking to update our in-house projects, which I’m very stoked about!