Hi, I'm Brian, from the Maryland suburbs of Washington DC

Hey everyone, my name is Brian, I’m a (mostly) front end developer, who writes JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. I use Vue and React to build more complex UIs, and Node to build backends and APIs.

In the past, I’ve worked with Angular, and PHP. I have a design/creative background, so I like to think of myself as UX/Designers best friend and advocate.

I am learning GraphQL, HTML5 Canvas, Redux, and eventually want to start learning Python.

My job is my biggest side project; my wife and toddler son are my main gigs ;). But if I do some work, you’ll see it on my github (https://github.com/bakpa79).


hi @bakpa79 welcome to the community! Whats your favorite and least favorite thing about GraphQL so far?

Welcome Brian! I’m in the Virginia suburbs of DC so not too far away geographically speaking :smile:

What have you built with HTML5 Canvas? That’s an api I’m not familiar with much at all
Though we do have a course on it :sunglasses: