👋 Hi, I'm Ben from Australia

Hi :wave:!

I’m Ben, I live in (usually beautiful, but at the moment smokey) Wollongong, Australia. I’ve been doing developer-y things in the web space for just on 10 years now. I’ve done lots of different things, but I’ve gravitated towards mostly frontend with JavaScript professionally. I really like modern React at the moment, but I’ve used lots of things back to AngularJS (1.x), jQuery and even MooTools. I’m mostly on Twitter @bkbooth11

I’m not focused on learning any particular new technologies at the moment, I want to work on writing more regularly and possibly producing video content.

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Hi @bkbooth welcome to the community! With 10 yeas of experience I’m sure you have a lot of great tips to share! Do you write anywhere now?

Hi @Will, thanks! I have a blog at https://benbooth.dev/ but the last thing I published was over 2 years ago :grimacing:

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