Hi! I'm Ben, a Full Stack Dev from South Florida

Hi! :wave: I’m Ben Newton. I’m a Front End Dev at a large consultancy. For the last few years, I’ve been specializing in the e-commerce space. I used to enjoy Dev talk on twitter, but twitter is too toxic any more.

What’s your current stack?

JavaScript - whatever framework the client needs really (right now it’s React)

What are you learning right now?


What are you working on?

Large e-commerce site. Wish I could share, but NDAs make that impossible.

What’s your current side project?

Same as it always is, rebuilding my website or working on ideas I never get to finish.

Where do you live?

Born and raised in South Florida, but moving to Denver soon.

Share a picture of your favorite pet!

Here’s Eva who works with me every day.


Good luck on the infinite personal website rebuild! I’m right there with you :infinity:

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I love Denver. We ended up moving just outside of Portland OR but Denver was next on my list.

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