Hi, I'm Avi a full-stack web dev from India

I am Avi, I am a full-stack web dev from India. I do freelancing via Toptal. I love all things JS and find myself using it for every project.

I am active on Twitter at https://twitter.com/aviaryan123


What’s your favorite full stack right now?

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React for frontends, express or serverless for backend, whichever feels more practical. For API, just using REST, haven’t got the need or opportunity to try GraphQL (would love to!). Postgres for database mostly. I have also been using Dokku for deploying pet server-side projects and really like it.

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GraphQL is definitely in my top 5 “wow this is awesome” in recent years. It’s such a great way to approach data. I think that Gatsby makes a nice playground to explore GraphQL in general.

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If you have a few minutes this workshop from Eve Porcello is great:

Yes, I forgot to mention but I did use GraphQL with Gatsby but it was just scratching-the-surface use. I see how it will add value when making a decent-sized data server but haven’t had the opportunity to do so.

Eve’s course has been in my bookmarks for some time but I have been procrastinating on it. I see it’s just 30 mins (egghead ftw) so I should just watch it right now :smile: . Thanks, Joel!

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