Hi, I'm Anton, a Front Dev from Portland, OR

I’m a mostly front end dev, currently at work my main stack is vanilla Javascript, HTML/CSS, and Lit-html, which we use for templating and various web components. I have also used Node a fair amount, and PHP if i must.

Right now I am working through Kent C. Dodds testing course, with the goal to apply the concepts to this app I am building using React/Node. Its a web app for notating guitar chords, as a guitarist I was frustrated because I couldn’t seem to find anything exactly like it out there. Its my main side project, and while I wish i worked on it more building a full stack app has taught me a ton.

I have been a dev about 3 years and am also thinking about what language to learn next. It might be nice to get away from the DOM, and add some skills that would help me in my next job hunt. I have been thinking either Python, Go, or Ruby. I like that Python has alot of uses, and can be used on its own to automate various tasks. I know Go would be a bit different being a strictly typed language. I have several friends that love Ruby, while others say don’t bother learning it. Alot of jobs usually list Ruby as a nice to have second language, but that is usually in the context of Rails, which is a whole other thing. So perhaps as far as learning another language Python or Go would be a better choice.

My favorite and only current pet is Gilbert. He was listed as a Shih Zhu/Havanese mix but I think there is other stuff going on in there too.

I look forward to getting to know folks here.


Hi @anton! Welcome to the community!

Are you using testingjavascript.com? How are you liking it? Dd you make any notes or anything to help learn the content?

@Will Yea I am using testingjavascript.com. I am liking it so far, but only went through the first module. I have not taken any notes, i expect I will once i start using the info to test my React and Node apps.


Hey Anton :wave:

Python is never a bad choice for learning IMO!

Thanks for the input, yea kind of leaning that way. It would definitely the most applicable immediate use.

@joel Any recommendations for a good Python book? I am usually a video course kind of person but thought I might try a book this around for my second language.

Sounds silly, but I actually love Python for Kids. I also love this series:


For a drier more rigorous intro, Learn Python the Hard Way can’t be beat.