Hi, I'm Andy an egghead instructor and front-end architect

I’m currently focused on React and the surrounding ecosystem, but I am into all things JavaScript and TypeScript. I’m a big fan of functional programming concepts and love digging into new tools and topics and then teaching them.

I started working in development almost 20 years ago and have worked on front and back end in a variety of languages. I wrote a ton of ActionScript back in the day, worked in ColdFusion for a while, spent many years working in the .NET framework and have worked on large scale applications built on Node.

At work, I spend a lot of time working with teams to address issues around accessibility, performance, scaling and complexity. I also work on building tools and libraries to address cross-cutting concerns for hundreds of developers. One of my favorite aspects of my job, is that I also get to provide training and educational materials across our many teams.

When I’m not working or creating content for egghead, I’m spending time with my wife, our 3 year old daughter and our three dogs.

I write (though, not as often as I should) at https://vanslaars.io/ and you can find me on twitter here: https://twitter.com/avanslaars


@avanslaars has some really great lessons on functional programming and React: