Hi, I'm Amy from Canada

Hi egghead community! I am Amy, a software developer from Vancouver, Canada. However, I have been working remotely for the last couple years and am more often in Spain these days. I currently work on broadcasting software for video game tournaments, our stack is JS everywhere and I am mostly backend. Excited to be a part of the community!


Welcome to the community @astopo. Thats sound like a fun project to work on. Are you learning outside of JS?

Hi, Will! Yes, building a couple projects on the side in python. How about you?

Hi Amy, welcome to the community!
That is soo cool to work with video gama tournments!

How are you liking Spain?

Welcome Amy! What a cool project. Are you using any particular frameworks or vanilla JS?

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Hey @astopo! Im with @lexaprogrammer here and am wondering what sort of frameworks you handle broadcasting software in. Sounds super interesting!