Hi! I’m Trev

Hi all from the Philippines,
I’ve only been coding for around 2 years. I learned coding through a bootcamp and now working remotely as a solo dev for a startup. Because of this, I’ve always wondered how experienced or senior level coders think, learn and approach problems. Thankfully egghead helps me do just that. My current stack is: Ionic/angular, node, express, pouchdb, couchdb, docker. Interested in learning react, redux, and sql for fun.

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Hi @obikanubi, welcome! Happy to have you in the egghead community! :tada:

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Wow solo dev for a startup @obikanubi! :muscle:

I’m in a startup too, but there’s 3 devs, still quite a ride! :roller_coaster:

Welcome to the community!

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Thank you. :grinning:

When I was assigned to the project I thought I would be working with the previous team that wrote the legacy code but they were reassigned to something else and I was ghosted most of the time. And then the AWS guy who was supposed to help me setup servers left so I ended up doing everything by myself. Can’t blame them though. I’m pretty sure they were really busy. I still stuck with it since I saw it as a learning opportunity.

Looking forward to learning from this community!