Hi, I’m Juri! A software engineer and egghead instructor from northern Italy

I’ve been a professional developer for more than 10 years now (feels kinda old now :thinking:), started at the backend mostly with the .Net and Java stack and then transitioned to the frontend, with custom jQuery based MVC frameworks, then Angular.js and now I’m mostly doing Angular, but not only.

Other than that, I’m a Google Developers Expert in Web Tech, I’m a speaker and I’m a passionate blogger on my site https://juristr.com (now also available at juri.dev :tada: :wink:)

I love being an Egghead instructor, as beside blogging, it helped me discover my passion for creating video content now. Here I’m probably mostly known for my Angular courses and lessons, some tooling stuff and a Git course you should definitely check out :slight_smile:

If you wanna connect with me on Twitter, that’d be @juristr


@juri.strumpflohner has a lot of badass Angular courses on egghead, but I think the git one is my favorite.


Hi @juri.strumpflohner. I am not quite into Angular, but definitely learn a lot from Productive Git for Developers Course. Thanks for that.

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@jiajing19932 cool, glad to hear that :slight_smile:

Hey Juri!

You forgot to mention that you have the best view ever from your home office :stuck_out_tongue:

Now we need pics.

@juri.strumpflohner Good to know you.
I would like to see the pics too.