Hi! I’m Garrett from Massachusetts

Hi everyone! My name is Garrett. I use he/him pronouns. I’m from Massachusetts, but currently live in the Bay Area where I work for LinkedIn as a web engineer. Specifically, I work on the main feed on linkedin.com. I have a non-CS background, and previously studied political science at a small liberal arts college in New England. After a few years being unsure of what to do, I went to Hack Reactor, a coding boot camp in Austin, TX. From there, I got hired at LinkedIn!

I mostly do front-end dev, and my main tech stack at work is EmberJS, Sass/CSS, and HTML. Outside of those, I’m pretty well versed in React, and I’ve done backend work in Node and Deno. I’m currently playing around with Golang, and I want to learn Swift at some point soon! I know some Python as well.

Outside of work, I love cooking/baking, spending time outside, petting every dog I see, and making good coffee.


I had to respond, because this is one of the best introduction (about me) I ever saw. The definition of pronouns you use is particularly nice. I will remember your “coordinates” and get in touch with you if and when I start another larger open source projects

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Thanks for the kind welcome message, Nikolaj!