Hi, I’m Colt! A Remote Frontend dev 👨🏻‍💻

I spend most of my time trying to write semantic and accessible HTML inside is Vue.js apps. I love solving CSS issues. I’m learning testing practices—mostly end to end—and general backend knowledge (laravel) for fun.

I recently started working on a fully remote team at Moonlight and am focusing on improving the accessibility, performance, and design of a Vue.js app on top of a Go backend.

I have a side project of building an accessibility color matrix that would take an array of colors and compare all to see which can and can’t be used to AA standards. I also want to start building a daily questions app with Svelte to learn the new hotness.

I live just outside of downtown Chicago. I walk or take public transportation everywhere.

My cat just celebrated her fifth birthday!


I have to drive everywhere here where I live. Must be nice!

Have you seen @tlakomy90’s Svelte intro?



Oh nice! I’ll be adding that to my queue!