Hi! I’m Alex and I’m super into programming

Hi all!

I’m Alex and have been an egghead member for almost 5 years now (omg, yearly autopay). I’ve made my living for the last 5 years with full stack JS, most recently converting a flash app to Angular/java.

I’m super into programming because I get bored easily and there is sooo much to learn in programming.

When I’m not working, I love spending time with my fam, listening to/playing metal, building mechanical keyboards and playing games (video or otherwise)!

Can’t wait to chat with you all more!


I think that’s my favorite thing about this gig too. The constant flow of something new and interesting to learn or solve :jigsaw:

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Totally. I hit 6 months on my current project this summer so I bought a couple of c++ books because of Adam rackis getting so hyped over it. That’s been a real rabbit hole.

I’ve always wanted to dig into C++ so I could toy with OpenFrameworks and libcinder


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Joel I bet you could get your feet under you in a weekend. Not that that’s a small time investment, but it might be a lighter lift than you’d think.:wink:

I’ve got PTSD from trying to use it as my first learning language lol :joy:

Ha, same for me actually. First college programming class (as a design major) and the worst professor I ever had.

I often wonder how many people are turned off from coding by badly chosen languages as intros in college.