Hi, I’m Aiko from Leiden, the Netherlands


I’m Aiko from Leiden, the Netherlands and have been around the block a couple of times already as a fullstack developer and operations engineer. Working mostly for internet startups my specialty over the years has been empowering the dev team reach the next level of professionalism (think agile/scrum, code reviews, testing, versioning, DVCS, CI, containers, k8s, …).

What’s your experience level?

I’ve been doing professional (web) development for the last 20 odd years now. Touching e.g. on the following along the way: C, C++, cvs, Pascal, Java, IntelliJ, Bash, mercurial, Jenkins, C# .NET, git, PHP, nodeJS, JavaScript, Angular, docker, k8s, …

What’s your current stack?

A mixture of nodeJS, PHP backends with mostly Angular frontends.

What are you learning right now?

Trying to get the hang of RxJS and Elm to get a better grip on especialy error handling flows.

What are you working on/side projects?

Raising a couple of kids leaves me very litle time for (private) side projects.
However the last thing I was fidgeting with was making a jSend handler in Elm.

I hope to be able to share some of my experience/knowledge with you.

Kind regards,


Welcome to the community @aiko! Wow you’re 20 years in and still learning that amazing!

What excites you the most about the industry?

To me, IT is all about the puzzles.

Except there are so many variables to tweak and choose from to get to a solution that fits the question. Like there are so many languages and paradigms to choose from be it very high and abstract or very low and bare bones to the metal. Moving clouds around or moving data thru the clouds all belong to the possibilities within this exciting always evolving field.