Hi, I am Sebastian from Poland

What’s your current stack?
PHP (Symfony), transitioning to fullstack JS

What are you learning right now?
I have been learning JS, MongoDB, React, Testing (thanks to Ketn C. Dodds), Node, GraphQL

What are you working on?
Applications supporting production (ticketing systems - shortening time to react) as well as office support software (document management).

What’s your current side project?
Reading all of Brandon Sanderson books. Been doing pretty well - went through ~8000 pages since August 2019. When I am done I will be making an collection tracking app (for books, movies, series, music.

Where do you live?
I live in Opole, in south of Poland but I am from the north just by the sea.

Share a picture of your favorite pet!
Sorry no pets, but I am quite attached to this fella.


Hello, dzień dobry and welcome to egghead.io community! :partying_face:


Welcome to the community @sebastian.pieczynski how is the transition into JS coming for you? Any highlights or low lights?

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Transitioning to new language is nothing new :slight_smile: I started with Tubo Pascal as a kid, then Borland Delphi, C, C++, Java, then some HTML/CSS and finally decided on PHP and Symfony framework.

Since I wanted to rebuild a PHP applicaiton I wrote and I wanted to change the architecture of it completely I thought JS would be a good pick as it works on back and front-end.

The language itself is “fun”.Some concepts not so much but I have been going through a lot of materials / courses (web/documentation/udemy/wesbos finally egghead etc.)

What I liked from the previous stack was completeness. In current JS env. everything is fluctuating ex.
I am trying to get a “simple” boilerplate:

  • React,
  • Typescript,
  • ESLint,
  • Prettier,
  • react-axe for accessibility,
  • react router
  • Jest and @testing-library for E2E and unit tests,
  • Internationalization (I have not chosen the lib yet),
  • Tailwind CSS (this is a great tool),
  • GraphQL (preferably ORM of some kind for backend),
  • MongoDB.

Creating a single boilerplate (even with CRA) with all of that seems difficult and always changing.
If there is anyone in the community who could help or has resources that point in right direction it would be awesome. I think this is a decent starting point for any application regarding functionality not exact libraries used.

Here everything needs to be wired manually, with Symfony it was all based on recipes (auto-configuration scripts on install).

Other than that I enjoy learning (always have) and it’s fun building simple apps (for now) with React.